hotel «TWINS»

You will come as a guest, and you will leave as a friend.


Welcome to the hotel «TWINS»

In the world of Eastern and Western comforts, under the wing of a high service levels corresponding to the world standards of service!

       The hotel is located within a five minute drive from the airport. Our hotel safely be called a business high hotel .It should be noted, prices for accommodation in hotel TWINS is a pleasant blend of quality ofservice. Also we are pleased to offer you a large list of special offers and coupon programs.
      Satisfy your wishes and the requests for us is to attain a high level of service quality.A professional staff always have time for you to make your stay in the hotel Twinsenjoyable, a useful and rich.

A and B blocks

      Hotel «Twins» has a unique style that combines the elegant simplicity andfashionable modernity. In the lobby, you will feel the pleasant atmosphere of thehospitality of the Eastern and European level, and the panoramic view of the dome ofthe two blocks and painted art under the domes will make you feel nostalgic painting!

We are always glad to see you!

Special Offers

  • FREE wide-screen TV
  • Discount for 3 days+ orders
  • Free WIFI internet
  • Exclusive souvenirs


The hotel is located within a five minute drive from the airport.

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 21 St. Adkhamova